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Solid State Phenomena


Ultra Clean Processing of Silicon Surfaces VII

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Committees
High-k Gate Dielectrics on Silicon and Germanium: Impact of Surface Preparation
Alessio Beverina, M.M. Frank, H. Shang, S. Rivillon, F. Amy, C.L. Hsueh, V.K. Paruchuri, R.T. Mo, M. Copel, E.P. Gusev, M.A. Gribelyuk, Y.J. Chabal
UV Activated Surface Preparation of Silicon for High-k Dielectric Deposition
Casey C. Finstad, Anthony Muscat
Enhanced Surface Preparation Techniques for the Si/High-k Interface
Joel Barnett, Chadwin D. Young, Naim Moumen, Gennadi Bersuker, Jeff J. Peterson, George A. Brown, Byoung Hun Lee, Howard R. Huff
Uniform Ultrathin Oxide Growth for High-k Preclean
Jeffery W. Butterbaugh, Steven L. Nelson, Thomas J. Wagener
On the Application of a Thin Ozone Based Wet Chemical Oxide as an Interface for ALD High-k Deposition
Bart Onsia, Matty Caymax, Thierry Conard, Stefan De Gendt, F. De Smedt, A. Delabie, C. Gottschalk, Marc M. Heyns, M. Green, S. Lin, Paul W. Mertens, W. Tsai, Chris Vinckier
Interface State Densities and Surface Charge on Wet-Chemically Prepared Si(100) Surfaces
Heike Angermann
A Study of the Influence of Typical Wet Chemical Treatments on the Germanium Wafer Surface
Bart Onsia, Thierry Conard, Stefan De Gendt, Marc M. Heyns, I. Hoflijk, Paul W. Mertens, Marc Meuris, G. Raskin, Sonja Sioncke, I. Teerlinck, Antoon Theuwis, Jan Van Steenbergen, Chris Vinckier
Surface Preparation Techniques for High-k Deposition on Ge Substrates
Sven Van Elshocht, A. Delabie, B. Brijs, Matty Caymax, Thierry Conard, Bart Onsia, Riikka Puurunen, Olivier Richard, Jan Van Steenbergen, Chao Zhao, Marc Meuris, Marc M. Heyns
Advanced Surface Cleaning Strategy for 65nm CMOS Device Performance Enhancement
F. Arnaud, H. Bernard, Alessio Beverina, R. El-Farhane, B. Duriez, Kathy Barla, Didier Lévy