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Solid State Phenomena


Ultra Clean Processing of Silicon Surfaces VI

Papers published in this volume:
Preface Committees
Future Challenges for Cleaning in Advanced Microelectronics
Allen Bowling, Brian K. Kirkpatrick, Trace Hurd, Laura Losey, Phil Matz
Open Circuit Potential Analysis as a Fast Screening Method for the Quality of High-k Dielectric Layers
Martine Claes, T. Witters, G. Loriaux, S. Van Elshocht, A. Delabie, Stefan De Gendt, Marc M. Heyns, Harald Okorn-Schmidt
Wet Etch Enhancement of HfO2 Films by Implant Processing
Joel Barnett, Deborah J. Riley, Troy C. Messina, Pat Lysaght, Ron Carpio
Behaviour of High-k Dielectric Materials with Classical Cleaning Chemistries
Enrico Bellandi, Barbara Crivelli, Mauro Alessandri
Introduction of High-k Materials into Wet Processing, Analysis and Behavior
Bart Onsia, David Hellin, Martine Claes, A. Maes, Stefan De Gendt, Marc M. Heyns
Metallic Impurity Contamination from Tungsten Gate Cleaning
Geun Min Choi, Tadahiro Ohmi
Single Chemistry Cleaning Solutions for Advanced Wafer Cleaning
Rita Vos, Marcel Lux, Sophia Arnauts, Karine Kenis, M. Maes, Bart Onsia, James Snow, Frank Holsteyns, Guy Vereecke, Paul W. Mertens, Marc M. Heyns, O. Doll, A. Fester, Bernd O. Kolbesen, T. Hackett, Mark Hoffman
Single Chemistry Cleaning with Complexing Agents (CAs): Determination of CA-Lifetimes by UV/VIS-Spectroscopy
O. Doll, Bernd O. Kolbesen
Complexing Agents Employed in Single Chemistry Cleaning: Stability Studies Using HPLC
S. Metzger, Bernd O. Kolbesen