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Solid State Phenomena


Ultra Clean Processing of Silicon Surfaces V

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Conference Organisation and Sponsors
Defects and Contamination in Microelectronic Device Production: State-of-the-Art and Prospects
Bernd O. Kolbesen, Hans Cerva, G. Zoth
The Effect of Ion Implantation on the Metal Contamination of Silicon Surfaces in Aqueous Solution
Lee M. Loewenstein, Paul W. Mertens, Marc M. Heyns
Barium, Strontium and Bismuth Contamination in CMOS Processes
H. Boubekeur, T. Mikolajick, J. Höpfner, C. Dehm, W. Pamler, J. Steiner, G. Kilian, Bernd O. Kolbesen, Anton J. Bauer, Lothar Frey, Heiner Ryssel
An Exploration on the Bridge Formation Mechanism of Cylindrical Storage Poly-Silicon by Water Marks in High Performance 4Gigabit DRAM Capacitor
Kun Tack Lee, Woo Gwan Shim, Hyung Ho Ko, Ho Young Kim, Yong Pil Han, Sang Rok Hah, Joo Tae Moon
Chemical Processing and Materials Compatibility of High-K Dielectric Materials for Advanced Gate Stacks
J.J. Guan, Glenn W. Gale, G. Bersuker, M. Jackson, Howard R. Huff
Wettability Modification of Polysilicon for Stiction Reduction in Silicon Based Micro-electromechanical Structures
Angeles Marcia Almanza-Workman, Srini Raghavan, Pierre Deymier, David J. Monk, Ray Roop
Dual Gate Oxide for 0.18μm Technologies and Below: Optimization of the Wet Processing Sequence
Didier Lévy, Sébastien Petitdidier, H. Bernard, F. Guyader, C. Dezauzier, C. Pizzetti
New Aqueous Clean for Aluminum Interconnects: Part I. Fundamentals
D.L. Rath, R. Ravikumar, D.J. Delehanty, R.G. Filippi, E.W. Kiewra, G. Stojakovic, K.J. McCullough, D.D. Miura, B.N. Rhoads
Metal Wet Cleaning with No Corrosion: A Novel Approach
Francesco Pipia, Geun Min Choi, Tadahiro Ohmi