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Materials and Technologies in Engineering Activity

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Conference Committees
Optimization of EDM Drilling Parameters for Aluminum 2024 Alloy Using Response Surface Methodology and Genetic Algorithm
Setu Dave, Jay J. Vora, Nimesh Thakkar, Aditya Singh, Saurabh Srivastava, Bhargav Gadhvi, Vivek Patel, Abhishek Kumar
Comparative Study of Palm Oil and Corn Oil as Corrosion Inhibitor for Low Carbon Steel
Nadhirah A. Khalim, Esah Hamzah
Effect of Al Content in Low Carbon High Manganese TWIP Steel
Nisith Kumar Tewary, Swarup Kumar Ghosh, Subrata Chatterjee
Mechanical Behaviour under Quasi-Static Loading of Open-Cell Foams of 6061-T6 Al Alloys Processed by Pressurized Salt Infiltration Technique
Bhasker Soni, Somnath Biswas
Hybridized Prototyping Process: A Contemporary Cultural Approach to Enhance Ceramic Production
Folasayo Enoch Olalere, Ab. Aziz Shuaib
Mechanical and Microstructural Evaluation of Y-TZP Using Microwave Sintering Technique
Mohsen Golieskardi, Meenaloshini Satgunam, Dinesh Ragurajan
Microstructure Analysis and Low Temperature Degradation Resistance of Doped 3Y-TZP Ceramics for Hip Implant Application
Dinesh Ragurajan, Mohsen Golieskardi, Meenaloshini Satgunam, Angela Min Hwei Ng
A Model for Neutron Radiation Damage in Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Structures
Haider F. Abdul Amir, Abu Hassan Husin, Saafie Salleh, Fuei Pien Chee
Effect of Hydrogenation Temperature on Distribution of Hydrogen Atoms in c-Si and a-Si: Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Mauludi Ariesto Pamungkas, Rendra Widiyatmoko