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International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa


International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 26

Papers published in this volume:
Deflection Analysis of Non Prismatic Beam with Trapezoidal Sectorial Section with Uniformly Perpendicular Loading Condition
Chetankumar M. Patel, Kartik D. Kothari, Ghanshyam D. Acharya
Numerical Estimation of Rolling Load and Torque for Hot Flat Rolling of HCSS316 at Low Strain Rates Based on Mean Temperature
Taoheed O. Sadiq, Taiwo G. Fadara, Peter O. Aiyedun, Jamaliah Idris
Investigation of Functionally Graded Aluminium A356 Alloy and A356-10%SiCp Composite for Hydro Turbine Bucket Application
Williams S. Ebhota, Akhil S. Karun, Freddie L. Inambao
Principles and Baseline Knowledge of Functionally Graded Aluminium Matrix Materials (FGAMMs): Fabrication Techniques and Applications
Williams S. Ebhota, Akhil S. Karun, Freddie L. Inambao
Multi Response Optimization by Using the Hybrid Technique in Electro Discharge Machining of AISI 304
Munmun Bhaumik, Kali Pada Maity
Comparative Study of Solar Water Heating Systems - Flat Plate Collector (FPC) with Evacuated Tube Collector
Jefferson Stanley David, Jayaraman Viveckraj, Sivamani Seralathan, K. Varatharajan
Renewable Night Cooled Chill Water Source for Energy Efficient Indoor Radiant Cooling
Muhammad Syukri Imran, Azhaili Baharun, Siti Halipah Ibrahim, Wan Azlan bin Wan Zainal Abidin
Active Vibration Control for Base-Isolated Structures Using a PID Controller against Earthquakes
Nassim Djedoui, Abdelhafid Ounis, Mahdi Abdeddaim
Performance Comparison of STBC-OFDM with Maximum Likelihood Detection for Rayleigh Fading Channel
H.A. Bakir, F. Debbat, F.T. Bendimerad
Neural Network Modeling for Monitoring Petroleum Pipelines
Ighodaro Osarobo, Akaeze Chika