Static and Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures


Authors / Editors:

Norbert Jendzelovsky, Lenka Konecna and Alzbeta Grmanova


Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only






Key Engineering Materials Vol. 738



All papers are available online at

This Special Issue of Key Engineering Materials, commemorating the 90th birthday of Professor Jan Sobota, attempts to provide a flavor of the wide range of his interest in and contributions to structural mechanics and the Finite Element Method. Professor Sobota was an outstanding academic teacher, in both didactic and pedagogical fields, a highly talented research worker, incorporating both theory and engineering practice. His attitude, industriousness, and cordiality brought him a great esteem among his co-workers and a students’ community. He was a pioneer in using the Finite Element Method, Transfer Matrix Method and the Boundary Integrals Method and its numerical modification Boundary Element Method in former Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Therefore, selected papers in this book are dealing with modeling and analyzing of various reinforced concrete structures and its parts mainly by the FEM. Different problems of structures, e.g. design of complicated structures, defects of structures, determination of wind load on atypical structures, soil-structure interactions, thermal effects, etc.; are involved and their suitable solutions are provided to readers. read more...

Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Finite Element Method, Computing Models, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Foundation of the Structures, Soil-Structure Interaction, Fiber Concrete, Lightweight Concrete Slabs

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