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Materials Science Forum


Frontiers of Composite Materials

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Committee
Experiment and Numerical Simulation on Non-Magnetic Prestressed Beam
Shi Yong Jiang, Wei Fei, Wei Lai Yao, Xue Yang Li
Experimental Investigation on the Fracture Mechanism of Two-Layer Steel/Aluminum Explosively Welded Plate
Nan Zhou, Hai Tao Guo, Jing Jiang, Song Ze Tang
A Simple Microwave Route for the Synthesis of Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) Powders for Bone Healing Applications
Nida Iqbal, M.R. Abdul Kadir
Mechanical Properties of Toughened Polyester Reinforced with Untreated and Treated Kenaf Hybird Carbon Composite
Noor Najmi Bonnia, Aein Afina Redzuan, Siti Norasmah Surip, Noor Azlina Hassan
Mechanical Properties and Surface Integrity of Recycling Aluminum 6061 by Hot Extrusion Process
S.Nю Ab Rahim, Mohd Amri Lajis
Study of Nano-Fe3O4 Addition on Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of HMDI-Based Polyurethane
Mochamad Chalid, Masrudin, Jaka Haris Mustafa
Flexural & Impact Properties of PLA/Kenaf Fibers Bio-Composites
Siti Norasmah Surip, Wan Nor Raihan Wan Jaafar, Noor Najmi Bonnia
Effect of TiB2 Content on Microstructure and Hardness of In Situ TiB2 Reinforced High Zinc Content Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Composite Materials
He Li, Li Hua Chai, Zi Yong Chen, Hai Jing Wang, Tou Nan Jin
Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced AZ91 Composites by Enhanced Interfacial Bonding
Guo Qiang Han, Wen Bo Du, Xian Du, Zhao Hui Wang, Ke Liu, Shu Bo Li