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Key Engineering Materials


Advanced Materials Research VII

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Organizing Committee, Sponsor
Process Planning for the Lateral Extrusion of a Pipe with a Lost Core
Takahiro Ohashi, Wataru Kimura
Brazing Inconel 600 to Manufacture the Plate Heat Exchanger
Han Wei Lu, Shih Kai Chou, Ren Kae Shiue
Direct Molten Metal Rolling of Aluminum Alloy A3003
Hiroto Ohashi, Shinichi Nishida, Yuta Kashitani, Junshi Ichikawa, Naoshi Ozawa, Tomoya Suzuki, Ryosuke Okushima, Atsuhiro Aoki, Hideto Harada
Twin Roll Casting of Aluminium Alloy ADC12, A3003, A7075
Yuta Kashitani, Shinichi Nishida, Junshi Ichikawa, Hiroto Ohashi, Naoshi Ozawa, Ryosuke Okushima, Tomoya Suzuki, Yuto Takigawa, Hideto Harada
Power Rating and Tools Wear in Milling of Hardened SAE 4340 Steel with Minimum Quantity of Fluid (MQF)
Emanuele Schneider Callisaya, Manoel Cléber de Sampaio Alves, Giovanni Faus Salussolia, Larissa Ribas de Lima
Effect of Mo Addition to ZA22 Grain Refined by Ti and Ti-B on the Maximum Pressing Force and Consumed Work after Pressing by the Equal Channel Angular, ECAP, Process
Adnan I.O. Zaid
Effect of Bonding Temperature on the Microstructure and Strength of the Joint between Magnesium AZ31 and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys Using Copper Coatings and Tin Interlayers
Abdulaziz N. AlHazaa
Effect of Welding Heat Input on Microstructure and Softening Behavior of 5CrMoV Steel
Yi Zheng, Yao Hui Liu, Yu Lai Song, Jia’an Liu, Ling Nan Kong, Yan Liang
The Effect of Tempering on Low-Temperature Toughness of the Direct Quenched High-Strength Offshore Steel
Ta Hung Tseng, Chieh Yu, Ren Kae Shiue, Tze Ching Yang, Ching Yuan Huang