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Materials Science Forum


Material Science and Engineering Technology V

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Committee
Desorption Behavior of Epoxy/Amine-Coated Polyester Triangular Bar Composites Pre-Exposed to Acid Environment
Bryan B. Pajarito, Danzen F. Dang-Awan, Mikhael Anthony A. Felipe, Kevin C. Handa
Study on the Mechanism of Pores Deformation in Aluminium Composites under Hot and Cold Upsetting Processes
Ananthanarayanan Rajeshkannan
Preliminary Study on the Acoustical, Dielectric and Mechanical Properties of Sugarcane Bagasse Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites
Elammaran Jayamani, Muhammad Khusairy bin Bakri
Tensile Properties of Unidirectional Kenaf Polypropylene Composite at Various Temperatures and Orientations
Dulina Tholibon, Abu Bakar Sulong, Norhamidi Muhamad, Izdihar Tharazi, Nur Farhani Ismail, Duratul Ain Tholibon
Tensile Properties of Woven Carbon/Kevlar Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composite
Nurain Hashim, Dayang Laila Abdul Majid, Rizal Zahari, Noorfaizal Yidris
Effect of Replacing Carbon Black with Surfactant-Modified Natural Feldspar on Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Composites
Noel Jeffrey P. Pinton, Bryan B. Pajarito
Effect of Type of Amine Salt and Surfactant on the Water Sorption and Flexural Properties of Modified Zeolite/Polyester Composites
Giselle Lou D. Leuterio, Bryan B. Pajarito, Kliff Richmond P. Mejia, Louis Martin G. Mendoza, Elaine Joyce S. Oquendo
Development, Manufacturing and Characterization of a New Composite Prepared from Cyperus corymbosus Rotth and Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
Duangkhae Bootkul, Thammanun Bootkul, Saweat Intarasiri
Fire Retardation Mechanism of PVC Composite Filled with White Rice Husk Ash for Ceiling Board Applications
Duangkhae Bootkul, Saweat Intarasiri