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Key Engineering Materials


Materials and Technologies in Modern Industrial Production

Papers published in this volume:
Preface, Conference Committees
Pseudo-Hall Effect in Single Crystal n-Type 3C-SiC(100) Thin Film
Afzaal Qamar, Dzung Viet Dao, Ji Sheng Han, Alan Iacopi, Toan Dinh, Hoang Phuong Phan, Sima Dimitrijev
Application of Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance of Manganese Modified Polypyrrole Thin Films for Electrochemical Capacitor
Purnama Ningsih, Clovia Z. Holdsworth, Scott W. Donne
Utilization Low Rank Coal Bottom Ash as TiO2 Support for Oxidation Catalyst of Styrene with Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous
Mukhamad Nurhadi
Comparison of Layer-Forming and Bromine-Doping Methods of Pentacene Layer in Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
Daniel Angelo C. Camacho, Rizalinda L. de Leon
Recovery of Nickel from Waste Lithium Ion Secondary Battery and Fabrication of Nickel Nanopowder
Sung Ok Hwang, Byung Man Chae, Deuk Hyeon Kim, Ki Sang Park, A Ra Go, Sang Woo Lee
Electrochemical Properties of Carbon-Coated FeS2 as a Positive Electrode for Lithium Secondary Batteries
Chang Su Kim, Soon Ki Jeong
Beneficial Effects of Nano Hydrophobic Coatings for Solar Photovoltaic Modules in Dusty Environment
M. Fathi, M. Abderrezek, M. Friedrich, K. Tabani
An Experimental Analysis of Lactic Acid Esterification Process Using Langmuir-Hinshelwood Model
Edidiong Okon, Habiba Shehu, Edward Gobina
Separation of Methane from Shuttle Tanker Vents Gases by Adsorption on a Polyurethane/Zeolite Membrane
Habiba Shehu, Edidiong Okon, Edward Gobina