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Materials Science Forum


Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors

Papers published in this volume:
Quantum Transport and Minimum Switching Voltage in a Field-Effect Transistor
Magnus Willander, Ying Fu, O. Nilsson
New Features of Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Bloch Oscillations
M. Dignam, K. Köhler, K. Leo, K. Litvinenko, F. Löser, V.G. Lyssenko, M. Sūdžius, G. Valušis
Nonharmonic Bloch Oscillations in GaAs/AlGaAs Superlattices
K. Litvinenko, K. Köhler, K. Leo, F. Löser, V.G. Lyssenko
Wigner Paths for Quantum Transport in Semiconductors
P. Bordone, R. Brunetti, M. Pascoli, A. Bertoni, Charles Jacoboni
DX Center Breakdown in High Electric Fields
A. Dargys, N. Žurauskienė, E. Goovaerts, C. Van Hoof, G. Borghs
High-Speed Switching of Double-Barrier Resonant-Tunneling Light-Emitting Diodes Investigated by Picosecond Electroluminescence Measurements
I. Romandić, N. Žurauskienė, E. Goovaerts, C. Van Hoof, G. Borghs
Electrooptical Phenomena in Tunnel-Coupled Quantum Wells in Longitudinal Electric Field
L.E. Vorobjev, V.L. Zerova, I.E. Titkov, D.A. Firsov, V.A. Shalygin, V.N. Tulupenko, E. Towe
Optical Phenomena under Hole Heating and Real Space Transfer in p-Type InGaAs/GaAs MQW Heterostructures
V.Ya. Aleshkin, A.A. Andronov, A.V. Antonov, D.M. Gaponova, V.I. Gavrilenko, D.G. Revin, B.N. Zvonkov, I.G. Malkina, E.A. Uskova
Multiminiband Transport in Superlattices: Effects, Description and Prospect for the Terahertz Bloch Oscillator - A Laser without Inversion
A.A. Andronov, I.M. Nefedov
Hot Electron FIR Emission and Absorption in GaAs/AlGaAs QW
L.E. Vorobjev, S.N. Danilov, D.V. Donetsky, V.L. Zerova, Yu.V. Kochegarov, D.A. Firsov, V.A. Shalygin, G.G. Zegrya, E. Towe