Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions


Authors / Editors:

Xianglin Gu and Xiaobin Song


Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions, SAHC, October 6-8, 2010, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China






softcover, 2-vol. set


Increasing urbanization constitutes a mounting threat to cultural heritage sites around the world; especially in developing countries. Natural and man-made environmental hazards are causing more damage to historic constructions than ever before. The conservation of historical constructions is facing new challenges introduced by waves of immigration and industrialization. The present papers on this subject are organized into two volumes, and the topics of interest span the entire spectrum of structural analyses of historic constructions: including Materials and Structural Configuration, Structural Inspection and Monitoring, Structural Analysis and Assessment, Seismic Analysis and Evaluation, Strengthening Technologies, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting and Sustainable Utilization of Historic Constructions in China. It is the hope of the editors that this special collection will stimulate scientists and technologists to develop further theories and technologies and help them in their endeavors in conserving historic constructions, now and tomorrow. read more...

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