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Latest publications

Journal of Nano Research Vol. 44

Nanomaterials for Electrocatalysis and Electrochemical Energy Applications

This special Issue of the Journal of Nano Research, titled, “Nanomaterials for electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy applications”, contains 20 selected peer-reviewed articles. Topics covered in the Special Issue include energy materials and systems, nanomaterials, nanoprobes, electrochemical kinetics and analytical electrochemistry and electrochemical sensors. more details...

Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 19

E|Home-Symposium - Multidisciplinary Smart Home Symposium on Energy Efficient, Self-Determined and Intelligent Living

The E|Home-Symposium bundles research in the field of energy-efficient and self-determined living through intelligent automation technology. Although energy efficiency plays the major role due to the goal of the European Union and the Federal Government of Germany to transform the energy system to one that heavily uses renewable energies, challenges stemming from demographic change and user acceptance are also addressed.

The papers have their origin in various research disciplines such as computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medical science or social science and usually provide insight into an interdisciplinary research methodology spanning various disciplines. Following this approach it becomes possible... more details...
This collection includes the results of innovative fundamental and applied research work carried out by the scientists of the Moscow University "STANKIN" (Russian Federation) in collaboration with the scientists of prestigious European scientific and educational institutions in area of research and development of the mechanical and the electrophysical methods of materials processing and advanced materials for mechanical engineering. more details...